Walk with Me – A journey into the Uncanny. Mikki Gleave ,2017.

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MA Fine Art – Tutorial at the Bluecoat and Presentation to BA Fine Art students.

Another productive tutorial with Imogen. We looked at my blog, (so much easier at times than showing work in a journal), and a useful vehicle for developing ideas, thoughts and practice. The blog is being used as one would use a sketchbook. At present I’m considering taking my work down alleyways and into the spaces that are deemed to be unsettling. I feel that this will add further tension to my work. It may be that I video the alleyway and consider how the camera becomes the viewer, stumbling across these creations against a backdrop of societies traces.

Structural forms such as crumbling walls and rotting surfaces record the passing of time in their textures. This is turn creates darkness that create uncanny situations. (Botting,F)

It may be that photographing the works against the different surfaces or appearing from behind structures  has an impact as the photograph becomes the reality.Imogen suggested that I seem to have a potent sense of space which I have taken from childhood. She suggested I look at the work of Willie Doherty and read W G Sebalds work entitled Austerlitz. We discussed visiting building yards to find supports and rusted structures. These can be used to either work onto or use to support my work in some way.

We talked about a presentation I was working on to show to the BA students and I feel that this could be a piece of work in itself .  The presentation is set up to run without intervention and contains images and text. The written word can often have a significant impact on the viewer and I feel that it works well without sound.



Mikki Gleave – Walk with Me –  A journey into the uncanny.


Mikki Gleave – Walk with Me – A journey into the uncanny.


I received excellent feedback from the presentation and the images worked well projected in large format. This will be shown as a piece of work . The images shown in this scale heighten the experience of the uncanny because the projector , as a medium, enhances the viewer into another dimension of memories, traces and ghosts.


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MA Fine Art – 31st January 2017 Walk with me ..


Photographing rusted supports .



Photographing graffiti.

Beginning to look at structures that are marked in some way from the passage of time. How can these supports be utilised within a space? How effective will weathered boards and fences be? Revealing distorted images, peering from the top.



Experimenting with my work peeping out.

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MA Fine Art Exhibition Part II process and reflection- 23rd January, 2017


Very helpful talk and advice from tutor Chris Evans . He felt the work was strong but the polaroid’s needed to be in a separate space and the work on the floor also needed to be separate. He suggested I take the Polaroid’s off the wall and think about displaying the work in a different way. Chris reminded me that its important to get away from displaying work (at MA standard), that would be suitable for undergraduate level or to sell at a café.  He liked the fact that the support for the work echoed past and memory and suggested I created a landscape of such with my images peeping out of the top. This was a difficult process because I wanted to put more work up. I was reminded to have conviction about what I’m trying to get across. And then, I saw it.. the images I create become part of a landscape , saturated with memories. We walk past rusted supports, battered gates and weathered walls everyday ….. and so …. Walk with Me begins ……



Walk with Me, 2017 Mikki Gleave

I am inspired and although I am aware this is still very much a work in progress, I have ideas. I want to create a landscape of weathered supports (perhaps faintly marked in  graffiti, thus adding another mark of memory) and present my distorted images almost peeping out of the top- an alleyway of images .

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MA Fine Art Exhibition preparation . January 17th 2017.

All works were removed from the board. I had an interesting discussion with MA tutor, Imogen who reminded me about the images being traces and that it is important not to lose that reason through presentation . We talked about memory and how easily memory can be erased. Imogen advised me to research ancient Greeks and memory.

The polaroid’s definitely work better on their own presented as a landscape and by seeing them again presented in a different way , I am refreshed and ready to experiment further. I’m considering taking polaroid’s of my work so that they exist as a place I have created,presented as a photograph. My other pieces of work were put on a piece of thick grey underlay, ripped and marked. This seemed to tie the pieces together. The support becomes a part of the work, capturing the traces within.


Mikki Gleave ,2017 – Work in progress – Exhibition part I




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MA Fine Art 16th January 2017 Group Critique.

Group critique today. very useful feedback- although I must say it gets confusing when your own work is thoroughly critiqued and other works are simply left to think about whether its art or not. Perhaps its all part of the process!  It’s most certainly challenging and without a doubt, pushing me out of my comfort zone.

A curator was involved in the critique and was particularly encouraging. After much critiquing, I agreed with fellow artists and felt that the work on the board looked too much like a display and the polaroid’s looked lost. It was agreed by all that they would work better on their own.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Preparation begins. Displaying work on table before putting it onto a board. Fellow colleague chatting with MA curators.

Works on painted board – recent works and past works.

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MA Fine Art Exhibition Part I January 2017

At present I am continuing to work onto the surface of materials thus creating distorted images, symbolic of memories that often resurface as the uncanny. Recent research highlighted that the uncanny doesn’t have to be presented as a frightening image as it can manifest itself in different ways. The uncanny can present itself through repressed memories and dreams. We all have memories of places whether they exist or not but it is important to understand that memories create feelings. Memories are hazy, distorted fragments within our minds and this is the dialogue of work I am trying to create.

On the 9th and 10th of January the MA group talked about the exhibition to be curated by ourselves. We discussed ways in which we could present our work and at that time my thoughts focused on presenting my work on a board and looking at how that would work as a finished piece. The group decided that the exhibition would be named Plug and Fiddle



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