M. Gleave Fine artist.

My Art is braided with references to the language of religion within still life and the nature of human relationships, human suffering and dream like images of another world or a place we only visualise in our mind. It aims to engage the mind and make it question the story behind it. My work aims to intrigue and capture the imagination and encourage us to think about its representation on the surface plane.


My work is created through using props, lighting, model- making and experimenting with non-conventional substances. The models and settings are photographed and then destroyed, (symbolic of other places that only exist in the imagination). I am inspired by journeys and fascinated with recollections that are vague within our memory yet perhaps embedded into our subconscious. Such journeys include travelling from the womb, transitioning into death, through to journeys we make whilst asleep. The work is also an exploration of place that one feels unsure of when in or before entering, thus creating an atmosphere of business unfinished and hurried departure. When figures do appear in the work, they seem unguarded, lost in thought, perhaps trying to make sense of the world around them. This sense of drama is symbolic of interacting with places while being consumed by its romance. My work is also an exploration of strange lands, the sublime and apocalyptic landscapes, (associated with alternative worlds and dreams, where the mind is set free and able to travel to places of familiarity yet also feel estranged from). This is inspired from the Freudian theory of the uncanny. I am also drawn to the works of the Romantics, the Surrealists and historical Japanese painting. Current influences include the solitary landscapes of Peter Doig, Vikram Kushwah’s uncanny photography and the strange interiors of video artist Saskia Olde Wolbers.


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