Reflection continued- Mikki Gleave March 7th, 2017

And so the reflection of practice continues. During the build up to an exciting exhibition,( to be held in St Georges Hall , 9th March – 10th March), I had a very useful critique. My work , entitled Walk with Me is projected onto the wall within a space, offering the viewer a gateway into memories and traces from the past. When viewed collectively the work aims to trigger everyone’s memory of a place from their past. When projected in large scale the images return as the familiar but strange, taking on another form. I have to confess that as an artist, I am new to projecting, and I agree that I could make the work have even more of an impact by experimenting further with transitions and different projectors. But it’s a start and I’m excited by the possibilities this work could lead to. I also feel a massive shift is taking place regarding my work and I am pushing myself out of a comfort zone. Everything takes time- and it is sometimes difficult as an artist to move away from what we are safe with.  My fellow artists were particularly responsive to the work and encouraged me to take it a step further by suggesting that I video my creations and present them as a film. Some people thought that the text worked within the piece and others felt that it interrupted the feeling of the images. The development of the final piece involved removing lots of text and I feel that the words selected compliment the work as perhaps it would do if one was watching the beginning of a film. Nevertheless, it may be more powerful if I leave out quotes in the future and have minimum text.


It was also suggested that I have a black space rather than a white one to project the work onto. I think that would work really well- but do I paint it ? I think that would be the case.


It was also interesting to hear curator Bryony Bond say that she felt the work reminded her of a spiritual intervention- this is the kind of dialogue I’m interested in creating and I feel that all of a sudden the communication of distorted marks and traces are being experienced by others.  I look forward to future practice .

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