MA Fine Art Exhibition Part II process and reflection- 23rd January, 2017


Very helpful talk and advice from tutor Chris Evans . He felt the work was strong but the polaroid’s needed to be in a separate space and the work on the floor also needed to be separate. He suggested I take the Polaroid’s off the wall and think about displaying the work in a different way. Chris reminded me that its important to get away from displaying work (at MA standard), that would be suitable for undergraduate level or to sell at a café.  He liked the fact that the support for the work echoed past and memory and suggested I created a landscape of such with my images peeping out of the top. This was a difficult process because I wanted to put more work up. I was reminded to have conviction about what I’m trying to get across. And then, I saw it.. the images I create become part of a landscape , saturated with memories. We walk past rusted supports, battered gates and weathered walls everyday ….. and so …. Walk with Me begins ……



Walk with Me, 2017 Mikki Gleave

I am inspired and although I am aware this is still very much a work in progress, I have ideas. I want to create a landscape of weathered supports (perhaps faintly marked in  graffiti, thus adding another mark of memory) and present my distorted images almost peeping out of the top- an alleyway of images .

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