MA Fine Art Exhibition Part I January 2017

At present I am continuing to work onto the surface of materials thus creating distorted images, symbolic of memories that often resurface as the uncanny. Recent research highlighted that the uncanny doesn’t have to be presented as a frightening image as it can manifest itself in different ways. The uncanny can present itself through repressed memories and dreams. We all have memories of places whether they exist or not but it is important to understand that memories create feelings. Memories are hazy, distorted fragments within our minds and this is the dialogue of work I am trying to create.

On the 9th and 10th of January the MA group talked about the exhibition to be curated by ourselves. We discussed ways in which we could present our work and at that time my thoughts focused on presenting my work on a board and looking at how that would work as a finished piece. The group decided that the exhibition would be named Plug and Fiddle



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