MA Fine Art. October 24th. Lecture by Artist Bedwyr Williams.


Prudence ,2012,Mixed Media,43.5 x 22.5 x 22.5cm, Bedwyr Williams


Frieze Atr Fair, Regent's Park London. 
Photo by Linda Nylind. 11/10/2012.

Bedwyr Williams, Curator Cadaver Cake, 2012. Performance at Frieze Art Fair for Grizedale Arts. Copyright the artist.


Bedwyr Williams work combines installation and humour. The above images, Prudence and Curator Cadaver Cake are reminders of the cold disposition some curators have and Williams reminds us, that occasionally, curators are often under the impression that they are the most important feature of the gallery. Prudence, presents a head with a pristine bob and yet the face is blank, without expression. According to Williams , this is the greeting one may receive when they go to particular openings of shows etc.  Williams is the “butcher” in performance piece, Curator Cadaver Cake and the audience are invited to eat pieces from the body .Once again, he uses dark humour to point out that he is perhaps “getting his own back” on experiences he has had with curatorial figures.


Williams displays his strong opinions in the lecture and argues that there are passive aggressive painters in the art world who want to show images of their cats or dogs in the Tate. He states, “these people are not going to get their work into the Tate or Frieze Art Fair”. He goes on to say that he has friends that paint straightforward portraits, and although he isn’t putting their talent of observational drawing down, he feels that they get very angry with the world in general. Perhaps, they aren’t expressing themselves enough and making that leap into the unknown, thus becoming stagnant and frustrated.

During the lecture, he mentions that “golf is an excuse for men to dress up as pimps” and this is another reminder that some people are false, removed from reality into a secluded narrow minded world , thinking they are better than everyone else. They have an arrogance about them that presents itself for example, like Prudence. I have to say that the more I digested what he was saying, the more I agree.  I will never look at a golfer again without smiling.

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