Recollections by Mikki Gleave.A collection of paintings on polaroids and digital prints of paintings and etchings.

Memories I have of places, (interior and exterior), were a starting point for this work and through experimentation, the final images aim to confirm or destabilise our sense of place. The work reveals a collection of memories, presented as strange places that can be compared to that of an old movie slide show.

House in the woods, paint on Polaroid, 2015

 House in the woods, Paint on Polaroid, 2015

(Part of a body of work, Recollections)

In Recollections, I have used a restricted and muted palette combined with non-conventional substances, including bleach and furniture wax. The processes used hint at the fragility of memory and acknowledge how thoughts about the past present themselves as flickering snap shots, often hazy, abstract and blurred. Painting on to the image, working into them and using alternative materials creates depictions of shapes and abstract forms thus being another metaphor for memory.   There is a presence of something hidden within the work, encouraging the viewer to take a closer look and see the revealing of subtle details. This revealing is our recollections.

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