This is an interesting journey part III by Mikki Gleave.


Mikki Gleave,Vidlers Place, 2015. Digital Prints layered. (Aluminium).

Throughout this journey I have been revisiting childhood memories as a starting point for my work.  So far, I have produced a piece of work entitled Den, which explores the innocence of childhood play as well as acknowledging the darker side of life. This work has recently been printed onto aluminium.


Mikki Gleave,Den, 2015, Drawing and Digital Print on aluminium.

So lets continue…….

Anthony Vidler has written a book entitled The Architectural Uncanny. He discusses that abandoned and derelict houses, (real or imaginary), are frightening by their very emptiness. It is as though they are given an unnatural energy. Gaston Bachelard on the other hand writes, that the house is a structure on the breath of time that needs to be recovered in order to conjure up the past. (The Poetics of Space).  The work Vidler’s Place, projects a strange energy, threatening in its presence. At the same time however, it is a metaphor for the past.Exploring memories within me of childhood homes and memories of darker places.

I have re- created an imaginary place, (from real places), that now exists because of the way it is presented. Peter Lewis, (artist and tutor), told me to look at Martina Lindqvists work. She has created a body of work, (Ragskar island), which is based on memories of a place she used to visit. She takes close ups of scenery and then re-creates them as models. I am creating places that are layered with meaning, inviting the viewer to contemplate the narrative.

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