Moving Marks Exhibition . Written by Mikki Gleave.

An engaging exhibition, (collaborated by a small group of contemporary artists), that takes one on a journey through a variety of investigations,(exploring nature, the body and sound), using different processes. Such methods include mark making, print, sculpture, installation and video. What I liked about the exhibition, is the way it is displayed. Some pieces are attached to material whilst others are secured with twigs and raffia. There is a large roll of paper on the floor depicting a mixture of faint and bold mark making, (a wonderful invitation for the public to interact with, making their mark too). There is also a selection of poetry in the exhibition that seems to add another layer of depth to the display.  Whilst some may disagree with the written word others may gather more meaning, thus making it visually richer for the imagination to play.

It is always a bonus when the artists ‘are actually present. Furthermore, it provides ample opportunity for the public , (including artists like myself), to ask questions about their work. A pleasure to meet you both.  Great exhibition and I look forward to seeing you at Fine Art Degree show, Bolton Uni, 11th June, 2015.


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