A Refreshing Change. Exhibition by David Winning at Bolton Market Place.


            David Winning – Work in Progress. The Market Place, Bolton.


Work in progress, (Thurs 19th Feb to Sunday 15th March, 2015) is a refreshing and reviving exhibition consisiting of prints, drawings and paintings created at Neo: Studios in Bolton between 2013 and 2015. What is striking about this work is its rawness and freedom, its style, the way its presented and the space around it. There are no  distractions whatsoever, apart from the work. Winnings work is presented on paper, board and canvas.  Several pieces of work hang , suspended by fishing wire, space flowing underneath and behind it. Some rest on the wall, anchored by magnetic mounts, allowing the work to exist without distraction from glass and frames. The works on canvas are left untouched after completion, the fluid has been left to be on the sides. There is nothing controlled or restrictive about this work and having the opportunity of being able to touch the work, to feel the texture of the surface gave me an urge to experiment with materials and intensly engage with the creative process.

Just  when you think you’ve seen everything, the artist provides sketchbooks of his workings for the public to look at ( a rare opportunity). These colourful diaries of smudges and splatters, demonstrate Winnings passion for experimentaion and he talks openly about how he often starts in the middle of his book and how he prefers to  make his mark on the first page, (by doing this, he is taking ownership and making the book his own). Winning’s work often evolves after experimentation with tools and media. His figurative pieces demonstrate powerful flowing forms, unique in style and he is open about how he found life drawing a tedious process, unstimulating and restrictive.  Through making marks and experimenting with collage, he was able to find his own style.


This exhibition is a breath of fresh air and a visit to Bolton Market place is highly recomennded. You will leave feeling inspired, wanting to make your mark.

Mikki Gleave. March 2nd 2015

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