Cornelia Parker Exhibits at the Whitworth Gallery. Not to be missed.


 Cold Dark Matter:An Exploded View (1991)

Sculptor and installation artist, Cornelia Parker came into prominence in the 199o’s and was nominated for the turner prize in 1997. She is renowned for her magnificent installation, (Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View,1991), and this is undoubtedly a highlight of the Whitworth exhibition. On entering the space one is confronted with the contents of a garden shed (blown up by the British Army at the request of the artist), suspended from the ceiling. The objects appear to be frozen in space, challenging our perceptions on time and reminding us at the same time how objects are precious memories,  yet they can be destroyed instantly. The shadows created on the walls from the light inside the installation make it look like the contents are coming back together again, therefore nothing is lost.


Poison and Antidote Drawing 2012.Rattlesnake venom and black ink,anti-venom and white ink.

Parker uses blood, bullets and matter to produce mark making that most certainly prompts debate. A particular piece of work in the exhibition that catches the eye is her poison and antidote drawings. At first glance one presumes the work is produced from charcoal when in fact they are in black ink, anti-venom and white ink. The theory behind this process is that the drawings have the ability to poison you and save your life at the same time.


War Room, 2015

There are several large and smaller works in Parker’s exhibition, each with an intriguing and complex story. War Room,(2015) is a new work and occupies a newly restored space within the gallery. The walls and ceiling of War Rom are completely covered with the remaining sheets from the factory that makes the 45 million Remembrance poppies sold every Autumn. The overall effect is dramatic yet strangely festive, which gives the work a disturbing tension.

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